About Us

Java Rush was founded out of the pursuit for the perfect cup of fresh-roasted, gourmet coffee.

You simply have to “Taste The Rush Of The Rockies” to believe it!

At Java Rush Specialty Wholesale Coffee Roasters, our goal is to roast premium coffee that also makes a difference. A difference for small businesses here in the United States. We keep our overhead low so we can provide the highest quality coffee at the lowest possible price.  But we understand a great cup of coffee doesn’t  just happen by accident. It’s something you have to create. Artisan Craft roasting is the art of taking the raw coffee bean and applying various degrees of heat for a specified amount of time to attain the best flavor from each origin and blended roast.

One of the mainstays of Java Rush is simplicity. We don’t make the wholesale coffee experience complicated.  The only thing we provide is the best coffee at the best prices, ultimately allowing the coffee shop or small business owner the chance to succeed.

Not only do we strive to create an exceptional cup of coffee in every roast, but we also believe our coffee is only as good as the communities we support. It begins with raising our standards for coffee beyond just taste. It means truly supporting and partnering with individuals and businesses. As a growing coffee company, we are committed to helping both locally and nationally right here in the USA.