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What to expect

Expect consistency, with us you get the same great coffee and service Everytime! You can order by phone, email or text. Our customers enjoy the direct line to the roaster. When you decide to make the switch to Java Rush Specialty Coffee you will get the direct phone number to the master roaster and Chief Operating Officer of the company. Occasionally the President (the Roasters wife) will answer the phone, but we keep it simple and the consistency of who you talk to matters. We roast our coffees daily and on demand. If you order coffee from us on Tuesday, the coffee for your order is roasted and shipped  Wednesday morning. This means you get the highest quality coffee in the freshest state possible. Call today to order 1-800-277-2941.  No Contracts, no nonsense, just the best wholesale coffee coupled with the best Customer Service.

Single Origins


Brazilian Santos $6.25  per lb: This mild and smooth flavored coffee is named after Santos – the port through which all Brazil’s coffee passes. This bean provides a light bodied and smooth tasting brew. These beans are roasted in the Viennese Roast style, which produces beans that have a light sheen to them caused by a touch of sweat (oil) making it a bit stronger. This is also known as Cinnamon Roast. It is the second lightest of our roast styles.






colombiaColombian Supremo: This is an excellent, well-rounded and balanced gourmet coffee with no extreme qualities. Colombian Supremo is a great coffee to begin your exploration of gourmet beans. The Supremo beans big and delicious. Its rich velvety body, clean acidity and hints of a delicate caramel are smoothing to the taste. Truly a good cup morning or evening. This one of a kind gourmet coffee is favored by many!






GuatemalanGuatemala Antigua: Antigua is Guatemala’s oldest and most famous coffee growing region. The towering volcanoes enclose this valley. Guatemala Antigua gourmet coffees are some of the most amazing fragrant and aromatic in the world. The natural shade and jungle of the Guatemalan highlands are the perfect environment for the bourbon botanical variety of arabica (a spontaneous variety of the original typical), which lends itself to a very nice and very natural full cup. This region is so loved and sought out by the gourmet coffee connoisseur. The Guatemala Antigua lends itself very well to a dark roast (Our roast masters favorite dark roasted bean). We encourage you to explore both the medium and dark roast. Both are very alluring coffees.




SumatranSumatra Mandheling: Sumatra Coffee captures the wild jungle essence of this tropical Indonesian Island. A great Sumatran is creamy, sweet, with a touch of butterscotch and spice. The cup is full-bodied, complex and earthy.  Many coffee enthusiast consider the Sumatra as the best coffee within Indonesia.  This is certainly a coffee bean you will want to explore with all its unique flavors.






PPNGPapua New Guinea: Go for a little adventure in this cup. Experience a funky wildness, like the island itself. This gourmet coffee has a bright and delicate acidity that  will amaze any coffee lover. Papua New Guinea coffee cups a medium body while still being wild and bright. The coffee bean is noticeably large, but its smooth taste is wonderful to experience.








Tanzanian Peaberry: Tanzanian Coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, truly an exotic location for this East African coffee. Peaberries seem to have a mystique about them.What’s a peaberry? It’s when a single coffee bean develops inside the cherry, instead of the familiar two “flat beans” . This gourmet coffee is bright, clean and aggressively complex! When brewed it presents many of the qualities coffee shops and enthusiasts desire, a rich and remarkable flavor that will keep you coming back for more.






Costa Rican Tarrazu: Costa Rican coffees serve as an excellent bright single origin coffee. Tarrazu is the marquis region of Costa Rica noted for the best soils and highest altitudes. A Costa Rica coffee bean is defined by brightness, sweet, fruity nose, clean acidity, with a hint of toasted nuts. Another amazing feature of Costa Rican coffees is the human touch at the beneficios (mills) where the processing and milling of coffee approaches a level of artistry not easily surpassed. Besides immaculately clean mills, which are the standard, the efficiency and beauty of the inner workings of the mill are amazing.





We have the ability to provide any coffee from any origin. Call 1-800-277-2941 for pricing.

All coffees are priced per pound based on 50lb orders in 5lb bags.  Please add $0.50 per pound for ground and $0.75 per pound for flavored (we have over 200 flavors)

We provide coffees from every known corner of the Coffee producing world, at a price that allows your shop to thrive. We ship coffee nationally, but only serve a handful of shops in each market. Contrary to other wholesale coffee roasters, we don’t want to saturate each market with our coffee. We want the shops we serve to gain a following with amazing coffee that can’t be found on every corner. In Coffee, consistency is the key. Java Rush provides the same great coffee, service and pricing, every time.

Blends (Call for Pricing)


Espresso PrimoThis is an exclusive, top of the line espresso coffee. 100% Arabica beans bring out the beauty in this secret house blend. With a medium espresso roast, you will discover espresso primo to be smooth and floral with a bold intensity. This is fine quality espresso with consistent roasting that you can count on.









Espresso Java RushEspresso Java Rush is our signature roast with a very distinguished, bold flavor that is held in high regard with coffee aficionados. Get more out of your espresso with the intense flavor and heavy body of our Espresso Java Rush blend. Looking for the perfect espresso for Cappuccinos and Lattes? Look no further, Espresso Java Rush is truly ‘Fantastico“








House BlendChef’s special. Customer’s favorite. Clean, sweet and medium bodies makes this blend tasty all day.











French Roast:Our darkest roast. A blend of Central American coffees. Brews a full bodied, strong cup with hearty characteristics.










Roastmaster Select:This blend is a four bean blend formulated from coffees from the four corners of the world. It is very complex but leaves a smooth finish. Our customers love this blend for cold brew.










Breakfast BlondeAlways great in the morning. This is a light cinnamon roast, blend consists of roasted South American origins to give it some smoothness with a hint of spice. Blonde roasts historically have the highest concentration of caffeine, this is the Rush you need in the morning.









Call 1-800-277-2941  for pricing. All coffees are priced per pound based on 50lb orders in 5lb bags.  Please add $0.50 per pound for ground and $0.75 per pound for flavored (we have over 250 flavors)

We have taken one of the most well recognized whiskey flavors and paired it with our rocky mountain roasted coffee. This coffee has full flavor with the unique sweet smokey, caramel nuttiness which is found in a fine single barrel whiskey. This whiskey flavored coffee finishes with hints of vanilla and malt, a mild floral taste with very subtle overtones of sweet rye. Whether you add creme or drink it straight up, this coffee is sure to please like no coffee you’ve tasted before.

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We can be contacted by phone 1-800-277-2941

“A Cup of Coffee Shared with Friends is Happiness Tasted and Time Well Spent”

About Us

Java Rush was founded out of the pursuit for the perfect cup of fresh-roasted, gourmet coffee.

You simply have to “Taste The Rush Of The Rockies” to believe it!

At Java Rush Specialty Wholesale Coffee Roasters, our goal is to roast premium coffee that also makes a difference. A difference for small businesses here in the United States. We keep our overhead low so we can provide the highest quality coffee at the lowest possible price.  But we understand a great cup of coffee doesn’t  just happen by accident. It’s something you have to create. Artisan Craft roasting is the art of taking the raw coffee bean and applying various degrees of heat for a specified amount of time to attain the best flavor from each origin and blended roast.

One of the mainstays of Java Rush is simplicity. We don’t make the wholesale coffee experience complicated.  The only thing we provide is the best coffee at the best prices, ultimately allowing the coffee shop or small business owner the chance to succeed.

Not only do we strive to create an exceptional cup of coffee in every roast, but we also believe our coffee is only as good as the communities we support. It begins with raising our standards for coffee beyond just taste. It means truly supporting and partnering with individuals and businesses. As a growing coffee company, we are committed to helping both locally and nationally right here in the USA.